Bringing Students Closer to God

Revolutionizing our Generation by Renewing Faith

Energizing the Catholic Church

Advising using the Word of God

Keeping the Modern Culture in accordance to the Gospel


Break Ministry is a movement designed to reach out to college students from different college campuses all throughout New Jersey and other parts of the East Coast. We aim to travel around different campuses and host different events, specifically large worship nights that are complete with live praise music, worship, and prayer. It is designed to form a bond between students from different areas and to give them the opportunity to unite as one, in order to serve God, praise God, and most of all, to live with God.

The church attendance of college students is steadily decreasing, and Break is going to try to change that. However, Break Ministry is NOT by any means meant to replace any Campus Ministry, local parishes, prayer groups or the Church in general. Break is here to help all of those things. If, hypothetically, all of these students begin going to Break Activities and events, but not one of them start going to Sunday Mass, then this ministry is simply not doing its job.

Break Ministry is primarily focused on helping college students achieve a “break,” in their lives. College can be very tedious and sometimes overwhelmingly busy, and many students tend to lose sight of Christ because they lack the time or the energy. Break Ministry’s goal is to not only bring students closer to God, but to also bring Christ to them. Through organized activities such as praise and worship, modernized teachings, bible studies, community service, retreats, and most of all, prayer, Break intends to give students an opportunity to not only use their individual gifts and talents to help the ministry grow, but to use those talents to bring Honor and Glory to God.

“And he said to them, ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.'” Mark 16:15

Break is composed of a number of young individuals from many different backgrounds from all over New Jersey, all with the common goal of forming a new, youthful ministry in the area dedicated to bringing students and young people closer to God and closer together. We are a community and a group of friends deeply rooted in our love for God and love for each other and we wish to share that love through our actions and efforts.