What St. Teresa of Calcutta taught me… (Reflection)

We live in a world full of stress and worry. Personally, I feel that it’s very easy to complain about things… It’s very easy for me to complain about how hard school is, how demanding my parents are, how stressful work is, how much sleep I’m not getting, etc. But then, I think to what Mother (now Saint) Teresa went through back in her time. She exposed herself to the most dangerous cities. She exposed herself to places full of illness and contamination. She constantly worked herself over and over again without any fear or doubt. Saint Teresa didn’t complain about anything for one bit.

I, am guilty of complaining about even the smallest things in life. I easily get upset about things that I may find are unfair to me or that I feel shouldn’t happen to me. I easily get upset at others for doing things I don’t agree with. I easily get upset when things just don’t simply go my way. But, Saint Teresa always had the odds against her. She constantly made herself vulnerable to danger but never feared or complained. She trusted God’s calling in her life and never let anyone or any thing take her away from fulfilling it.

I’m easily prone to thinking that life is all about what I feel. It’s so easy to think to yourself that life is all about me, life is all about my own success, life is all about my own health, etc. St. Teresa has taught me that being selfless is actually the only true way to fulfill yourself. That giving is actually the only way to truly receive...  both God’s Grace and Holiness. Our hearts were made to love, and our hands were made to give. We live our lives for an even greater purpose than ourselves. Besides there’s nothing on this Earth, that is greater than love. 

“There are no great things, only small things with great love. Happy are those.”- Saint Teresa of Calcutta
Written By Ramil Caragay


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