A “Superpower” called Love

God is Love. I’m going to bold that phrase and italicize it to the best of my ability. Okay, well that’s the best I can do because I’m unfortunately not a computer expert or anything like that. But, it’s okay because God loves me. A couple days ago I was on my way to work and got caught in traffic on the highway and ended up being twenty minutes late. I was filled with frustration and I was so upset with everything but then I realized, God loves me. During Black Friday, I went shopping (which is never a good idea to do on this day) and I accidentally cut someone on line and that person was outraged and yelled at me and told me I’d better step back before she called security and guess what I did? I stepped back and thought to myself, it’s okay, God loves me. Another time I was talking to a bank teller and I guess I started talking way too fast and I was chewing gum at the same time and I accidentally spit the gum out and it landed on the teller’s hand. Pretty embarrassing won’t you say? The teller looked at me with pure disgust. Boy, will I remember that look for the rest of my life. But anyways, at that moment I sure felt very ashamed but at the same time I felt some kind of relief because guess what I thought to myself? God loves me.

You see, the point I’m trying to make here is that with whatever I go through in my life, no matter how embarrassing or how painful it is, I always feel some kind of relief within my heart because I know that God loves me. That in itself is the ultimate consolation, in any situation, circumstance, trial, or tribulation. God’s love has the power to change my perspective on every situation. Even in the worse occurrences in my life, with God’s love truly present in my life, I am able to see everything through a positive lens. God’s love has the power to make me feel better no matter what I’m going through, even in the times of darkness and despair. God’s love is constant. God never loves us any less than He loves us right now at this second. God’s love has the power to brighten my mood. And He doesn’t even need to say a word. God’s love is visible to me through everything that I see and go through in my life, good and bad. God’s love is visible to me through the love of my parents, His love is visible to me through the hugs I receive from my best friends, God’s love is visible to me through everything. It’s what God does that assures me how much He truly loves me. He not only says He loves us, He SHOWS it. And through this love He gives me, I am transformed and I am impacted in ways that are truly unimaginable.

But the thing that is really astounding and wonderful, is that WE too have the power to impact lives and make others feel better about themselves. You see, God instills His love within our hearts. He created us with the image that we would love each other just as He loves us. God wants us to love each other exactly the way He loves us. He wants our love for one another to be visible, constant, and undying. He gives us “superpowers” just by letting us love one another. If you think God wasn’t an artist, then you’re severely mistaken. God is the master of all artists, and He created us in His image and gave us this “superpower” called Love. God wanted us to be powerful. He wants us to be strong. But, by powerful I don’t mean full of wealth, popularity or stature. But full of L-O-V-E. Full of goodness and compassion for one another. That’s how God intends for us to be powerful. That’s why He gave us Superpowers!

Something as simple as holding the door for an elderly woman carrying loads of groceries, or lending a dollar to that person in front of you in McDonald’s who might be short one, can positively impact their lives forever. Sometimes people just need to know that someone out there cares for them, even sometimes a stranger. Sometimes we need to step outside of our boundaries and do things people wouldn’t normally do. We need to stop caring about what society and culture teaches us about right and wrong and start caring more about one another. And yes, loving someone can be hard sometimes, but loving someone who may seem difficult to be loved is powerful beyond comprehension. Loving that person who yelled at you for cutting him/her on line, or being the bigger person in a confrontation between you and someone else, can have positive effects going forward. There’s always a reason why someone acts a certain way and most of the time, it’s because they haven’t felt enough love in their life. So when you encounter that certain someone in any instance or situation, the best thing to do is swallow your pride and show that person some love! Whether it’s cracking a smile, or saying sorry even if you didn’t do anything wrong to them, just showing them any type of compassionate from your heart will make them feel better and impact them in a positive manner! The “Superpowers” God gave you are powerful and should not be used in vain!

Hence, when we show love to the people around us, whether it’s our friends, our families, people we meet at school or work, or even strangers at a local supermarket, it will eventually have an impact on their lives. Believe it or not, that person you said sorry to even though they were the ones that bumped into you first, will remember what you did and they’ll start to think about it. And as Christians that’s what we want! If we can’t get people to automatically accept God’s love, we want to at least get them to think about it and consider it! We as creations of God, are all called to spread His love across the world and He even gave His only son to show us how much He truly loves us. It should be our duty to not only show love to the ones who we’re supposed to love, but also show loves to those who are harder to love! Because God created us all in His image and liking, and there is not one person in this world who is not worthy to be loved. God loves everyone equally no matter who they are or what they’ve done. And that is the prime example of what we should do for each other as His people! You see, being a superhero doesn’t need to involve climbing on top of buildings and running across the world in intense speeds. Being a superhero can be as simple as turning someone’s life around with a simple act of genuine love and kindness. The funny part is we all had this amazing superpower all along and most of us don’t even look to unlock it. I say we all unleash our superpowers and use them for the greater good of God’s holy people. Let’s be the Superheros God wants us to be!

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.  Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:7-8

Written By Ramil Caragay

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