What I can’t ignore when it comes to the word faith, is the word obedience. Trusting God when you don’t know the plan, trusting God when you’re unsure or afraid of what He’s planning for you. Trusting that He’s going to open a door, when a door isn’t there in front of you. It’s a decision to be obedient.

It makes no sense for us to walk from the known to the unknown or the sure to unsure, but that’s where God brings us.

This life is full of chasing. chasing relationships, chasing money, chasing our reputation. When we live in our purpose, we don’t need to chase things because the right opportunities will always find us.

To surrender is to find peace. I’m trying to let myself go, my self-will and allow God to take me where He wants to take me. I want to be obedient and be accepting of the plans He has for me although it’s not the way I want it to turn out sometimes. By taking life as it is and letting God work, everything will always turn out the way He intended. He is for us, our right moments will come and we will know if it’s from Him.

I am aiming towards that child-like faith.


Written by Hannah Solon

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