Two Worlds, Two Lives, ONE God

Division. Division is the single most common force in the history of this world. Almost anything that seems to be together, always seems to separate through time. Division has become inevitable. Whether it’s the relationship you were in for almost 10 years that somehow just stopped working out of nowhere, or your favorite boy band that hit #1 on the Billboard Charts that randomly decided to split up because of some unknown reason. Division is a common occurrence in our everyday lives. Division is the reason the Civil War back in Revolutionary America took place,  it’s the reason why Racism cursed America in the Mid-1900’s, and it’s the reason why the Christian faith is split into Protestants and Catholics. Division is powerful. It has the power to either make or break an entire community, a country and even the World. Don’t get me wrong though, Division is not always evil. Some things should be divided, Good and Evil, Sin and man, Heaven and Hell, Cat and Dog, etc. Division is a powerful force that should not be misunderstood, misinterpreted and most of all, ignored. Division can do almost anything with anyone and it shows no mercy. My advice, Don’t mess with Division. 

Now let’s look at ourselves. Let’s face it, we face a battle with division every single second of our lives. You face it when you’re at school and the weird kid in class tries to talk to you and you try running away, you face it when you’re at a church event and you think you’re too “cool” for everyone and just feel like being on the “cool” kid side of the event (no such thing as being “cool” in Jesus’ eyes), you face it when you’re at home and your family is watching a movie together and you just don’t feel like joining them cause you’re “too” tired. Division is always there, and it will always be there. It becomes an everyday challenge for us. But the biggest Challenge we have today with division is what I like to call the “Two Worlds, Two Lives” Challenge (Hence the Title of the article). The saddest part about this challenge is that we face it every single day and almost 70 percent of us are NOT even aware that we are facing it. It’s impossible to overcome a challenge that you are not even aware of.

Today’s society is full of many young people who love the Flashing lights and loud noises of the everyday world. Society is consumed with Social Media, Reality TV Shows, video games, and a whole lot of other secular things. And as I’ve said before, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Secular things. Matter of fact Secular things, when used for good, can be used to bring people closer to God and can be used to Glorify and Honor Him. The only problem is that most of us become consumed by the Secular aspect of our lives and soon we begin to develop another life that is just secular. Those of us who are very active in our Churches and Youth Groups, consider ourselves “Religious” people. (I don’t like the word religious, I prefer being called someone who really loves God.) Some people grew up in church, they were raised around a Spiritual lifestyle and that’s all they ever knew growing up. Then they become a teenager and graduate High School and go into the “Real” World. They are then introduced to Social Media, friends, TV and all of that good stuff. They start to find that these things are actually very enjoyable and they start to develop a habit of doing these things everyday. They now have another life. Not a new life, another life. Another life added on to the religious life they were already living. However, they are still active in their Church and Youth group. They still go to Church every Sunday and YG Meetings on Fridays and they still love serving God. The only difference is that when they step outside those church doors, or when they finish playing the last Chord of the final Worship song, they go back to their other life. They go back to the life they had developed from being too consumed with Media, friends, influence, and fun. (And of course, this whole process can be reversed. A secular person who didn’t know God then found God and found a religious life.)

How many people do we know that fit the circumstances that I stated above? We all know someone like that. For me, I can say I am guilty of it as well. It happens to everyone. There’s always going to be a point where we make our lives into two and we let the power of division get the best of us. It’s inevitable and it happens to the best of us. The issue with having two different lives and living in two different worlds, is that there’s always the danger of us fully throwing one of them way and just picking one of those lives. Living a life of just secular things is obviously wrong, but living a life of just Sacred things and completely ignoring the Secular world is equally as wrong. There has to be some sort of balance. God is not only present in Church, He is not only present when we are singing Worship songs, and He surely isn’t only present when we are in need. He is ALWAYS present and He is present everywhere. Everywhere we go and everything we do, He is always there. And therefore. everything we do should be for Him and for His glory. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says “So whether you eat or you drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the Glory of God.” Every little thing we do should have God involved, in heart and mind, soul and divinity. We shouldn’t be very powerful church leaders who are really inspiring to everyone in our Churches and Church groups, and then go home to our boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse and live completely different lives and become completely different people. Every aspect of your life has to be FOR Christ and until you are willing to accept that, nothing will ever change. Whether it’s your relationship, your friendships, your hobbies, your extracurricular activities, your job, or your family, every thing you do should be centered around Christ and should have Jesus in control at all times. Once we fully surrender every facet of life to our Lord and Savior, then we can finally make the biggest step toward overcoming the “Two Worlds, Two Lives” Challenge.

We need to stop living as two different people and simply just break the division between our two different lives. Division is powerful and it can do many things, but the one thing it cannot do is overcome God’s grace and mercy. We need to start evaluating our own lives and start thinking about what we can do to make God the center of every little thing we do. We have to take away the pride, greed, selfishness, and stubbornness from our hearts and replace it with God’s humility, love, selflessness, and openness. We need to replace the poisonous thoughts in our minds with thoughts of holiness and divine teaching. We need to stop doing things just for our own pleasure and instead do them for the Glory and Honor of our Lord and Savior. We have to always have Him in our hearts no matter what it is we do in our lives. And we can never let ourselves get too distracted or too consumed by the loud noises of the everyday world. God is always present and He is always by our side. He wants us to enjoy the secular things of this world, and He wants us to enjoy being in the comfort of His arms as well. He wants to be there for us.

So now that we are fully aware of this Challenge and what it’s going to take for us to overcome it, we have to make that first step. We have to surrender everything to Him and take away the things in our lives that might hold us back from fully surrendering to Him. This challenge will not be easy. It will be spiritually and mentally exhausting. Some might even want to give up. But God always gives us the strength to overcome it and He always equips us with what we need. Division is a power that is NOT superior to our Savior’s love and it’s His love in us that will help us overcome this Challenge. We will fight division until our last breath and we will come out on top. Through thick and thin, God will always be by our side and nothing will ever change that. In the end of this challenge, a lot of things might seem broken. Some of us will think we have broken hearts, broken friendships, broken dreams, broken relationships, but these are just distractions trying to take our focus off the one thing that was really broken, the Divide. #BreakTheDivide

Written by Ramil Caragay

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